Premel S.r.l.


The PREMEL S.R.L. Company was established in Marsciano (Perugia – Italy) on October 4th 1995 for the objective of manufacturing, developing, installing and promoting integrated modular systems and equipment to generate power from renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydraulic power, etc.).
The priority features of these systems involved technologic innovation, quality, streamlined installation, great reliability and modularity, combined with extremely easy-to-use features – just like any normal household appliance. These are essential parameters, since PREMEL products have an international reference market that focuses also on developing countries.
As a result, because of their specific characteristics PREMEL products were and continue to be the ideal answer – both technically and financially – to the need for producing/distributing electrical power, hot water and sterilizing water on a punctiform level in civil, industrial, agricultural sector.
These systems have been named GSE for the integrated modular electrical-energy system, SIE for the integrated modular civil/votive lighting system, SUN for the modular solar hot-water generator system and SPS for the integrated sterilizing pumping solar system.

After about four years of activity, the company began to see its first results, with the stipulation of international distribution contracts and installation of the system, for example in Turkey, Africa and Brazil. Italy was also involved through the Italian power company, ENEL, as well as the Italian Alpine Club, Don Guanella Institute, Province of Umbrae of the Capuchin Friars Minor of Assisi and the Missionary Organization, working through the Catholic Connection Committee as part of the program entitled “Microprojects for the Southern World”, which also made it possible to complete various different installations in the Amazon, Zambia, Tanzania, Zaire and Burkina Faso.

PREMEL S.R.L. organizes within its own establishment periods of training, through which it is possible to reach a complete knowledge about purposes, techniques, installation and maintenance of all PREMEL products and systems.